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Battery Testing and Replacement Service

Volkswagen of Olympia Battery Testing & Replacement 

The Battery 101

The Battery is a vital component on every VW model with an internal combustion engine. The Battery stores voltage and sends it to the starter as needed to turn the engine over. The Battery also provides electricity to all of the accessories when the engine is off. When the voltage dips too low, the alternator sends more voltage to the Battery, so it has the perfect amount of electricity. Batteries are generally durable but will only last a few years at best. Battery Testing & Replacement Service between seasons is an excellent strategy for a Battery with maximum reliability every time you need to start the car.

What Happens During a Battery Testing & Replacement Service?

There are two fundamental Battery performance characteristics assessed during a Battery Testing & Replacement Service. Battery Testing is completed by a VW-Certified Technician using a digital multimeter designed specifically for testing automotive batteries. The first important performance characteristic is the Battery's ability to hold a specified amount of electrical charge, which our VW-Certified Technicians call its reserve capacity. The second important performance characteristic is the Battery's ability to send a specified amount of electricity to the starter, which our VW-Certified Technicians call its cranking amps.

What are the Warning Signs of a Defective Battery?

A defective Battery is a big problem because it is needed to start the engine and power the accessories when the motor is not running. Coming off a cold winter and entering a warm spring makes us think about the condition and performance of your battery, especially since extreme temperatures and wide temperature fluctuations are the greatest threats to an automotive battery. Even though batteries are supposed to last for a couple of years, certain driving factors and ambient conditions can cause them to become defective quickly.

Since the battery is so important for your vehicle's performance, we recommend monitoring the battery for any warning signs that it is becoming defective: 

  • Hard engine starting or engine will not start at all 
  • Dimmer than normal lights, especially headlights 
  • Turning the ignition key, you hear a click
  • Repeated need for a jump start

Genuine VW Value at VW of Olympia

Both the Battery's capacity to store electricity and its performance in sending the correct amount of electricity is tested and verified by one of the VW-Certified Technicians at VW of Olympia. If the Battery Test shows that you have a faulty Battery, it will be replaced as necessary to restore your Battery's reliability and performance to factory specifications. We carry a robust selection of genuine OEM replacement batteries rigorously tested for fit and performance in your VW car, truck, minivan, or SUV.

Volkswagen of Olympia

2107 Cooper Point Road SW
Directions Olympia, WA 98502

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