Brake Rotor Resurfacing Replacement Service


Automotive Braking & Brake Rotors 101

Volkswagen engineers a powerful braking system that is known for durability and safety. However, the brake system requires routine maintenance because some of the vital components are prone to wear and tear including the brake rotors, brake fluid, and brake pads. Brake rotors are the round discs that brake pads get pushed against to generate the friction required to slow down and stop. Facing intense friction and lava-like heat, brake rotors can get scratched, grooved, or damaged to the point that they no longer get the job done like before. When this happens, the best way to restore stopping power to peak performance is with a Brake Rotor Resurfacing Replacement Service at VW of Olympia.

Are there any Warning Signs of Rotor Wear and Tear?

When brake rotors are compromised, the defect usually involves a blemish, scratching, grooves, or warping on the rotor surface. Since brake rotors perform at their best when the rotor surface is perfectly flat, able to generate the highest amount of friction possible, any surface areas that aren't flat must be resurfaced to restore peak friction, stopping power, and safety. If the damages are too significant to be restored to factory specifications with resurfacing, the brake rotor will need to be replaced to restore your brake system to peak performance. No matter if your brake rotors need to be resurfaced or replaced, here is a list of the primary symptoms of brake rotors in need of Brake Rotor Resurfacing Replacement Service: 
  • Scratching, grooves, or score marks on the rotor face 
  • Shaking or wobbling during braking 
  • Brake noises 
  • The rotor is no longer thick enough 

Brake Rotor Resurfacing Replacement Service at VW of Olympia

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of brake rotor wear and tear, it is evident that you'll need to resurface the brake rotors or replace them if they have become defective. More often than not, slight brake rotor damages can be repaired with resurfacing service. However, if the brake rotors are defective, they will need to be replaced to restore factory specifications. The new brake rotors installed on your vehicle will be VW-Certified for fit and performance on your exact car, truck, minivan, or SUV. VW of Olympia is conveniently located near Lacey, WA & Tumwater, WA.

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