Check Engine Light Diagnosis


Check Engine Light 101

The Check Engine Light has one job; it illuminates when there is a problem with one of your vehicle's systems or parts. The Check Engine Light is a system defined by extensive sensors throughout the car and an Electrical Control Unit that turns on the dashboard warning light when the sensors detect something outside of factory specifications. A solid light signals a minor problem, but a flashing Check Engine Light means that the issue carries additional risk. If the Check Engine Light flashes, we recommend stopping the vehicle safely and giving us a call at 888-928-2330.

What do I get with a Check Engine Light Diagnosis Service?

A trouble code pulled from the electrical control unit using an ODB scanner is not a diagnosis. Sure, it's somewhat calming getting the trouble code because it reduces some uncertainty, but unless you are an automotive service technician, what will you do with a series of numbers and letters in code format telling you what the trouble code means that's causing the Check Engine Light. At VW of Olympia, we use the word "diagnosis" because it holds so much more value versus getting a codified series of numbers and letters that only deepens the mystery on what you need to do next to restore factory specifications and peak performance for your world-class Volkswagen car, truck, minivan, or SUV.

The Real Value in Check Engine Light Diagnosis at VW of Olympia

The auto part retail stores offering to pull the trouble code and print off a bunch of impersonal and inapplicable potential solutions offers the industry a tremendous disservice. Getting the trouble code causing the check engine light holds value only if you're a technician that understands what to do with the information. That's where VW of Olympia comes in - we have all of the resources necessary for an accurate diagnosis rooted in Volkswagen's proven world-class standards

When you get a Check Engine Light Diagnosis Service at VW of Olympia, you gain peace of mind because you know that the VW-Certified Technician will identify the nature of the problem by examining the present symptoms to isolate the root cause for repair. When you get a high-quality Check Engine Light Diagnosis, you get precision problem identification, an expert's recommendation on what action to take next, and you can rest assured you're in good hands because everything pouring into the Check Engine Light Diagnosis is VW-Certified.

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