The Fuel Filter traps dirt particles, water, rust, and other unwanted contaminants before they can enter the combustion chamber and wreak havoc on the engine and your wallet. This makes the fuel filter in your Volkswagen simple yet vital for fuel flow and engine performance. As the fuel filter does its job trapping particulates over time, fuel can become restricted by the clogged filter and will eventually cause warning signs related to decreased fuel flow. 


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Is a Diesel Fuel Filter Special?

Diesel fuel is an important factor when discussing how often your fuel filter requires replacement service. Volkswagen models with a diesel engine have different fuel requirements due to diesel's higher energy density and potential contaminants. Diesel fuel requires strong filtration because it is known to hold dirt, water, and even bacteria if the tank is not cleaned and recirculated. A faulty Diesel Fuel Filter will allow moisture to enter the engine to reduce fuel efficiency because it cannot burn. Water can also cause corrosion and a new fuel filter will help prevent that. Diesel fuel quality is an important consideration as it can hold dirt. A good Diesel Fuel Filter is needed to remove dirt particles from the fuel. Lastly, bacteria is a problem for diesel fuel. A fuel tank housing bacteria needs a good Diesel Fuel Filter to remove that bacteria before it can enter the engine.

Signs that you need a Diesel Fuel Filter Replacement Service

A faulty Diesel Fuel Filter is an engine efficiency-reducing, wallet-threatening, performance killer. The good news is that a Diesel Fuel Filter Replacement Service is so convenient, price-effective, and valuable. One of the easiest ways to protect your engine and extend its life is with a regular Diesel Fuel Filter Replacement Service. If you have any of the following signs, we recommend scheduling a Diesel Fuel Filter Replacement Service immediately:

  • Reduced engine power
  • Engine stalls
  • Engine misfire
  • Engine won't start or has difficulty starting
  • Variable engine performance at different speeds

Schedule a Diesel Fuel Filter Replacement Service

The symptoms of a faulty Diesel Fuel Filter are easy to fix with a Diesel Fuel Filter Replacement Service. Volkswagen of Olympia is conveniently located within driving distance of Tumwater and Lacey. Schedule a service appointment and we'll assign an expert technician to the job that knows your vehicle inside and out.

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