The Importance of Engine Air Filters

If it seems like you cant talk to your Service Advisor at Volkswagen of Olympia without hearing about another filter, you're not alone! Your Volkswagen is full of filters, each specifically designed to keep harmful particles from entering any major system or disrupting a component that helps keep your VW on the road. While most of them are used to filter through fluids to keep everything lubricated and operating to factory standards, there are filters that stop contaminants found in the air.


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Engine Air Filter Service in Olympia

The job of the Engine Air Filter is to keep anything from debris to dust out of the engine intake. Your Volkswagens engine operates at incredibly fast speeds and run under ridiculously high temperatures, which is why a clean air filter can help prevent engine failure caused by dirt and debris. While it may seem dramatic to say that a filter can help stop a catastrophic event like engine failure, its true; even a small about of dirt or dust build up can cause major damage to to the constantly moving components in your engine. In the event that your Engine Air Filter is dirty or clogged, you may experience reduced performance and fuel economy and increased fuel consumption and emissions.

VW Filter Replacement Parts & Services

If you have a concern about how often your Engine Air Filter needs to be changed, that information can be found in your owner's manual, or you can always contact one of our friendly, professional Service Advisors at Volkswagen of Olympia. By getting your Engine Air Filter Replacement Service completed with us, you can rest easy knowing that your Volkswagen is in the best hands, in a facility equipped with only the best OEM Volkswagen parts. 

The Engine Air Filter Replacement Service can easily be paired with another maintenance or repair needed and takes virtually no time at all. While you wait, we will try and tempt you with some cocoa, cider, snacks or Starbucks coffee and our complimentary Wi-Fi keeps you connected to the office or social media. So when you're ready for your Engine Air Filter Replacement Service, Volkswagen of Olympia is here to get you back on the road in no time.

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