Wheel Alignment Service of Olympia

Have you ever been told by your service advisor during routine maintenance that your tires are wearing unevenly? It's such a strange string of words, because how can tires wear unevenly? 


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What Causes Miss-Alignment?

There are many ways to keep tires from wearing unevenly. One of the biggest things that cause your tires to wear unevenly is when your wheels have come out of alignment. Wheels can become misaligned in many ways. One of the more common ways this happens is road conditions. Potholes, uneven pavement, all those frustrating things we like to complain about while waiting for our coffee. The second most common way this happens is just general wear and tear. Over time, parts of your wheels simply wear out and can't support the proper alignment under the pressure of your suspension system.

By keeping your tires aligned, you're not only saving your tires (and wallet!) but also keeping your Volkswagen driving smooth and comfortably. Want another reason? Proper wheel alignment also helps maximize fuel efficiency since there is less energy required to keep your wheels straight; cars with alignment concerns can be decreasing their fuel economy by a crazy 7%! 

Schedule a Four Wheel Alignment Service

It's generally recommended to have your alignment checked with every tire rotation, a new set of tires or oil change. Technicians here at Volkswagen of Olympia are here to help! In the event you do need an alignment, we will hook your Volkswagen up to a specialized piece of machinery that has been designed to measure the degrees in which your wheels alignment is off. We note where the issues lie and then recalibrate your wheels to as close to perfect as possible. Saving yourself the hassle of running through a whole set of tires prematurely is really that easy! With a complimentary shuttle that runs within Olympia, Tumwater, and Lacey to take you where ever you need to go. Schedule a service appointment and we'll assign an expert technician to the job that knows your vehicle inside and out.

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