Internal combustion engines require fuel to generate drive power. The engine relies on a fuel system to deliver the fuel it needs in the perfect amount and at the exact right time. There are many vital components of the fuel system including the fuel tank, pump, filter, carburetor, and injectors. The weakness of the fuel system is that it can get dirty over time due to a variety of factors like environmental conditions, fuel quality, and driving style. Today's fuel contains detergents and additives that can accumulate in fuel system components. As they accumulate over time, blockages will form that threaten the ability for the fuel system to deliver fuel in the precise amount at the perfect time. In particular, the fuel injectors are engineered with a narrow tip that can get clogged relatively easily due to their design and conditions in which they operate.  


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What are the Signs of a Dirty Fuel System?

Since the fuel system is responsible for delivering fuel to the engine, the symptoms of a dirty fuel system are efficiency-threatening and comfort-reducing. Here are the major signs of a dirty fuel system:

  • Difficulty starting the engine
  • Rough idling
  • Failed emissions test
  • Engine is not able to reach full RPM
  • Decreased fuel efficiency

If you have any of the signs of a dirty fuel system, the best way to get your problem fixed is with a Fuel System Cleaning Service at Volkswagen of Olympia.

What happens during a Fuel System Cleaning Service?

At Volkswagen of Olympia, the Fuel System Cleaning Services begins with an expert technician, certified service protocol, and VW-approved fuel system cleaning agents. If there is dirt or unwanted accumulation anywhere in your fuel system, the Fuel System Cleaning Service will restore your vehicle to peak performance. The expert technician will clean fuel injectors, valves, throttle body, intake, combustion chamber, and oxygen sensors. You'll know that when you leave the service center that your entire fuel system is sparkling clean. Volkswagen of Olympia is conveniently located within a short drive of Tumwater and Lacey, Washington.

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