Tire Replacement Service


What is a Tire Replacement Service?

Tire Replacement Service is a process that removes any defective tires and replaces them with a brand new tire with peak steering & handling comfort, maximum safety, and the smoothest ride possible. A new set of tires is a great way to support your driving experience making the inside of the cabin feel like your vehicle is gliding across air instead of navigating a bumpy road. The foundation of Tire Replacement Service is removing old tires and replacing them with new tires; however, there are a few crucial steps that makes VW of Olympia's Tire Replacement Service better compared to less-reputable Tire Replacement Services.

What are the Warning Signs of a Defective Battery?

A defective Battery is a big problem because it is needed to start the engine and power the accessories when the motor is not running. Coming off a cold winter and entering a warm spring makes us think about the condition and performance of your battery, especially since extreme temperatures and wide temperature fluctuations are the greatest threats to an automotive battery. Even though batteries are supposed to last for a couple of years, certain driving factors and ambient conditions can cause them to become defective quickly.

Since the battery is so important for your vehicle's performance, we recommend monitoring the battery for any warning signs that it is becoming defective: 

  • Hard engine starting or engine will not start at all 
  • Dimmer than normal lights, especially headlights 
  • Turning the ignition key, you hear a click
  • Repeated need for a jump start

Genuine VW Value at VW of Olympia

Consider this: VW of Olympia provides a VW-Certified Tire Replacement Service specifically designed for your exact Volkswagen car, truck, minivan, crossover, or luxury SUV. As Michelin popularly claims, "everything is riding on your tires," why would you consider having anyone else help maintain your premier Volkswagen when VW of Olympia has the Tire Replacement Service specifically designed for your vehicle? VW of Olympia is conveniently located in the Olympia metropolitan area near Tumwater, WA & Lacey, WA.

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