Volkswagen has released some amazing concepts for upcoming electric vehicles. It's tough to say which of these vehicles will make it to the market, or what the final versions will look like, but we're excited about how the future looks! 

What are the four VW electric concept vehicles?

The four electric Volkswagen concept vehicles are the ID. Crozz, ID. Buzz, ID Vizzion, and the ID. These vehicles vary quite a bit in size and styling. There is no question that VW is going to satisfy every consumer that's looking for an electric vehicle whether it's a sedan, an electric bus, a commuter car, or a luxury sedan.

How far will the electric VW vehicles drive on a single charge? 

At the time this article is written, Volkswagen is expecting each of their upcoming electric vehicles to get a range over 250 miles per charge. This is plenty for most consumers to make their daily commute, run some errands, than get home without having to charge again during the day. As the electric technology evolves, there is no question that future vehicle will have even greater ranges! 

The New VW Bus is Called The I.D. Buzz (for now)

If you've been dreaming about owning a VW bus, you are about to be very excited! The VW Bus will be coming back in 2022 and will be released in select countries across the world including the United States. The I.D Buzz has an innovative styling that is unlike any vehicle we've seen before, it definitely resembles the original VW Bus with futuristic updates.

In the current I.D. Buzz concept, the seating offers multiple configurations where they can be laid flat, or the front driver and passenger seats can be turned around and a table can be added to the middle of the vehicle. We hope VW chooses to keep these seating configurations because they look extremely cool and useful!

Expect Volkswagen to Offer Autonomous Driving

Volkwagen will most likely be offering autonomous driving options in their electric vehicles. This technology is progressing so it's hard to say just how "autonomous" they will be at the time of release but this is exciting news since this is a big selling point to consumers.

More details coming soon...