All Volkswagen vehicles rely on a brake system that allows the driver to slow down or stop as needed to go with the flow of interstate traffic or to prevent a collision. Since your brake system faces intense pressure and extreme heat, the critical parts can start to show signs of wear and tear and will eventually become faulty if not fixed. The major parts of the brake system that should be inspected and serviced regularly include the brake pedal, lines, calipers, pads, fluid, master cylinder, and rotors or drums. Two of the most important brake system components to consider are the brake pads and brake fluid because they are the weakest links.


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Signs of a Brake System Problem

If you have a brake system problem, it will need to get fixed if you want maximum stopping force delivered to each wheel location when you want to slow down or stop your vehicle. That means if you have any of the following signs of a brake system problem, you can get the issue fixed by scheduling a Brake System Fluid Exchange & Flush at VW of Olympia Service Center:

  • High-pitched noise - screeching and/or squealing from the brakes
  • Metal-on-metal grinding noise or clunking sound indicative of worn-out brake pads 
  •  Hissing noise that is vacuum or brake booster leak 

Brake Pads

VW makes some of the world's most effective and durable brake pads as evidenced by their lifespan that commonly surpasses 50,000 miles. However, it is possible for your brake pads to start wearing out much sooner under certain driving factors like driving in much stop-and-go traffic, hauling heavy loads, riding the brakes on the highway, or riding your brakes down steep inclines. It is difficult to predict exactly how long your brake pads will last; one of the best ways to ensure you have good brake pads operating at peak performance is with a Brake System Fluid Exchange & Flush Service that inspects your brake pads and replaces the worn down ones with new genuine Volkswagen approved brake pads.

Brake Fluid

Brake Fluid is the blood of your VW Brake System because it transfers force needed to stop your vehicle when you press the brake pedal. When you stomp on the brake pedal to prevent hitting a stray dog, it is the brake fluid that transfers power from the master cylinder into the wheel rotors. The weakness of brake fluid is that it eventually becomes contaminated with water and starts to break down, requiring Exchange & Flush to get your maximum stopping power and safety.

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