Volkswagen Alignment Service near North Olympia, WA

Volkswagen Wheel Alignment Check Near North Olympia, WA

We operate a Volkswagen service department near North Olympia, WA, offering certified wheel alignment services. Our wheel alignments are completed using a computerized wheel aligner performed by a Volkswagen certified technician guaranteed to restore wheel angles to specifications. If you have noticed that your car or SUV is pulling toward aside when trying to drive straight, this is the telltale sign of misaligned wheels. Bring your vehicle in for a quick alignment check and corrective two-wheel or four-wheel alignment service that corrects the misalignment.

Volkswagen Wheel Alignment Check near North Olympia, WA

Wheel alignment is not a scheduled maintenance service. Still, it is essential to get alignment checks if your vehicle is pulling toward aside, after significant impacts like hitting a large pothole or curb or installing new tires. We can quickly provide your vehicle with an alignment check using computerized wheel alignment equipment.

Two-Wheel Alignment vs. Four-Wheel Alignment

Two-wheel alignments are given to front-wheel-drive models, while four-wheel alignments are for all-wheel-drive models. The difference between the two services is the vehicle's powertrain style, and the number of wheel positions checked and adjusted.

Why Should I Get Wheel Alignment Service Now?

Wheel alignment ensures that the wheels are aimed in the right direction, and the tread faces the road flatly. Proper alignment to specifications will provide ideal traction between the tires and the road. This yields the benefits of extended tire life, reduced wear and tear on the suspension, smooth-riding, the best traction in adverse conditions, and enhanced safety. Neglecting wheel alignment checks and corrective service will only invite the consequences of wheel alignment neglect.

What Happens When Wheel Alignment is Neglected?

Neglecting wheel alignment has a predictable succession of consequences that begin with a vehicle pulling to one side when trying to drive straight. You will notice that driving with faulty wheel alignment demands that you always fight the wheel as the car wants to veer off the road if you let go. Of course, this is a safety hazard. If this pulling is not corrected, the tires will then show signs of rapid wear. The rapid wear will then cause vibrations in the steering wheel. Continued neglect will ultimately lead to tires losing pressure, with the most significant risk being a blowout while driving.  

Why get Wheel Alignments at the Dealership?

According to Volkswagen certified service standards, we offer the highest quality wheel alignments, including a certified technician using the newest equipment while following the technical service protocol. To give our customers precise wheel angles to specifications, we rely on computerized wheel alignment equipment to measure and adjust the camber, caster, and toe to factory specifications. When you want certified service quality extending precise results, your vehicle's best wheel alignment is available within 15 minutes of North Olympia, WA, right here at Volkswagen of Olympia.


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